東大過去問 1982年 第5問

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(A)I was slow in starting to live at all. It wasn’t my fault. If there had ever been any kindness I would not have suffered from a delayed maturity. If so much apprehension had not been instilled into me, I shouldn’t have been terrified to leave my solitary unwanted childhood (B)in case something still worse was waiting ahead. However, there was no kindness. (C)The nearest approach to it was being allowed to sit on the back seats of the big cars my mother drove about in with her different admirers. This was in fact no kindness at all. I was taken along (D)to lend an air of respectability. The two in front never looked round or paid the slightest attention to me, and I took no notice of them. I sat for hours and hours and for hundreds of miles, inventing endless fantasies at the back of large and expensive cars.
 The frightful slowness of a child’s time. The interminable years of inferiority and struggling to win a kind word that is never spoken. The torment of self-accusation, (E)thinking one must be to blame. The bitterness of longed-for affection bestowed on indifferent strangers. What future could have been worse? What could have been done to me to make me afraid to grow up out of such a childhood?
 Later on, when I saw things (F)more in proportion, I was always afraid of falling back into that ghastly black isolation of an uncomprehending, solitary, over-sensitive child, the worst fate I could imagine.
 My mother disliked and despised me for being a girl. From her I got the idea that men were a superior breed, the free, the fortunate, the splendid, the strong. My small adolescent adventures and timid experiments confirmed this. All heroes were (G)automatically masculine. Men were kinder than women; (H)they could afford to be. They were also fierce, unpredictable, dangerous animals; one had to be constantly on ( I ) against them.




(1) 下線部(A)の内容として最も適当なものは次のどれか。その記号を記せ。
ア なかなか自分自身の人生に踏み出せなかった。
イ そもそもこの世に生まれてくるのが遅かった。
ウ 人生あわてることはないと、のんびり構えていた。
エ ぐずぐずしているうちに生存競争に遅れてしまった。
(2) 下線部(B)と同じ内容になるように、次の空所にそれぞれ1語を補充せよ。
for ( ア ) that something still worse was waiting in store ( イ ) me
(3) 下線部(C)の内容として最も適当なものは次のどれか。その記号を記せ。
ア 成熟への最短距離
イ 愛情を得る手近な方法
ウ 何かもっと悪いことの気配
エ 一番新しい子ども時代の記憶
オ どうにか思いやりらしきもの
(4) 下線部(D)の意味として最も適当なものは次のどれか。その記号を記せ。
ア 大人の空気になじませるために
イ 尊敬の態度を印象づけるために
ウ いちおう世間体をととのえるために
エ 上流家庭の様子をちらつかせるために
オ 打ちとけた雰囲気をかもし出すために
(5) 下線部(E)を日本語に訳せ。
(6) 下線部(F)を意味として最も適当なものは次のどれか。その記号を記せ。
ア in a better style
イ in a greater measure
ウ with less interest
エ with less prejudice
オ with better skill
(7) 下線部(G)の言い換えとして、次のどれが最も適当か。その記号を記せ。
ア by nature
イ by themselves
ウ for themselves
エ mechanically
(8) 下線部(H)と同じ内容になるように次の文の空所を補充するには、以下の語のうちどれが最も適当か。その記号を記せ。
they were in a ( ) to be kind
ア position
イ possibility
ウ sense
エ wealth
(9) 空所(I)を補うには次のどれが最も適当か。その記号を記せ。
ア defense
イ fight
ウ guard
エ shouting
オ watch






  1. (ア)fear、(イ)for
  2. 自分に責任があるに違いないと考え



  • 問題文をよく読み、文中での意味を答えなさい。
  1. fault
  2. delayed maturity
  3. apprehension
  4. instill
  5. solitary
  6. unwanted
  7. in case
  8. nearest approach
  9. admirer
  10. frightful
  11. interminable
  12. inferiority
  13. struggle
  14. torment
  15. self-accusation
  16. bitterness
  17. longed-for
  18. affection
  19. bestowed
  20. indifferent
  21. later on
  22. in proportion
  23. ghastly
  24. uncomprehending
  25. over-sensitive
  26. worst fate
  27. despise
  28. superior breed
  29. fortunate
  30. adolescent
  31. timid
  32. confirm
  33. masculine
  34. can afford
  35. fierce
  36. unpredictable
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