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Jackie leant idly against the window frame, staring out at the beach in front of the house. In the distance down the beach she could see the familiar figure in the blue dress slowly coming towards the house. She loved these moments when she could watch her daughter in secret. Toni was growing up fast. (1)It seemed no time since she and the confused little seven-year-old had arrived here. How Toni had adored her father! When she was still only five or six years old, they would all make the long trip from the city to the beach every weekend, and Toni would go out with him into the wildest waves, bravely holding on to his back, screaming in pleasure as they played in the waves together. She had trusted him entirely. And then he had left them. No message, no anything. Just like that.
She could make ( 2 ) Toni’s figure quite clearly now. She saw her put her shoes onto the rocks near the water’s edge and walk into the wet sand, then just stand there, hand on hip, head on an angle, staring down. What was she thinking? Jackie felt a surge of love that was almost shocking in its intensity. “I’d do anything for her,” she found herself saying aloud, “anything.”
It was for Toni that she had moved from the city to this house eight years ago, wanting to put the ( 3 ). Surely, up here it would be simpler, safer, more pleasant to bring up a child. And indeed, it had been. Toni had been able to ride her bicycle to school, run in and out of her friends’ homes, take a walk around the beach, in safety. There had never been a lack of places for her to go after school while Jackie was at work. They had a comfortable relationship, and Toni had given her ( 4 )whatsoever. So, only three years to go and then she, Jackie, planned to return to the city, move in with Tim, marry, maybe.
She glanced up at the clock. Four o’clock. He’d be here at seven, just like every Friday. Besides Toni, he was the person she loved best in the world. Every weekend he came and they lived together like a family. He never put pressure on her to go and live in the city with him. He understood that she wanted to (5)see Toni through school first. He said he was prepared to wait until she was ready. Jackie loved the arrangement. Not seeing each other through the week had kept their relationship fresh. They had so much to tell each other each Friday. Getting ready ー shampooing her hair, blow-drying it, putting on her favorite clothes, looking pretty ー was such fun. Jackie thanked God for Toni and Tim.
Toni pressed her feet further into the wet sand. She didn’t want to go home yet ー she had too much to think about. At home Mum would be rushing about, singing, cleaning, getting ready for Tim, all excited. Someone her Mum’s age behaving like that! Toni thought it was (6)a bit too much, really ー it was almost a bit pitiful. Although Tim was great ー she had to admit that. One part of her was really pleased for Mum, that she had a partner; the other part was embarrassed. No, she wouldn’t go home just yet.
(7)She looked up and down the beach. She was relieved it was empty. She’d hate to be seen in this dress ー it was so fancy and girlish. She had just applied for a Saturday job and Mum had made her wear this. “It’s lovely, darling, and you look so pretty in it. It’s important to make a agood impression,” she’d said. Well, she’d got the job. Mum would be waiting now, wanting to hear the news, and she’d get all excited as if she’d won a prize or something. She wished sometimes that Mum didn’t get so carried away with things. There was one good thing, though. She’d have some money of her own for once, and would be able to buy some of the clothes she wanted for a change.
One thing was for sure. She wasn’t going to wear this dress tonight! She’d wear it as she left the house to make sure Mum let her go, but then she’d change at Chrissy’s place. It had all been a bit complicated ー she’d never had to do (8)this before. Just getting Mum to give her permission to go to the dance had been hard enough.
“Will there be supervision there?” “Will there be alcohol?” “What time does it finish?” On and on ー like a police investigation. Other kids’ parents didn’t go on like Mum. But at least she’d been allowed to go. It was her first time to the beach club!
Chrissy had told her not to even ask. “Just get out of the window when your Mum and her boyfriend have gone to bed,” had been her advice. “Things don’t get started until late anyway.” But Toni couldn’t do that, not this first time. Anyway, Mum had said okay after Toni had done some pretty fast talking; she’d had to tell a few lies, but in the end Mum had swallowed them. “Chrissy’s parents are taking us. Five parents will be supervising. Alcohol’s not allowed. I’ll be home by eleven-thirty.”
She was especially embarrassed by the last one. Eleven-thirty ー no chance! Still, once she got out of the house, Mum wouldn’t know. Toni twisted her feet deeper into the sand. She was just a tiny bit uneasy about all the lies. But, why should she worry? Everyone had to do it. She’d never go anywhere if she didn’t. Look at Chrissy. (9)Look at what she had been getting away with for a year now.


(1) 下線部(1)の言い換えとして最も適切な表現を次のうちから一つ選び、その記号を記せ

ア It appeared to be so long ago that
イ It seemed like only yesterday that
ウ It had always been such a rush since
エ It allowed her little time to think since

(2) 空所(2)を埋めるのに最も適切な一語を記せ。

(3) 下に与えられた語を適切な順に並べ替えて空所(3)を埋め、その2番目と5番目にくる単語を記せ。ただし、下の語群には、不要な語が一つ含まれている。

again, and, behind, child, past, start, them

(4) 空所(4)を埋めるのに最も適切な表現を次のうちから一つ選び、その記号を記せ。

ア no joy
イ little joy
ウ no trouble
エ little trouble

(5) 下線部(5)とほぼ同じ意味の表現を次のうちから一つ選び、その記号を記せ。

ア see Toni off to school
イ  help Toni come first in school
ウ wait until Toni finished school
エ enjoy watching Toni go to school

(6) 下線部(6)のa bit too muchというToniの思いは、母親のどのような態度に対するものか。20~30字の日本語で述べよ。

(7) (7)の段落に描かれているToniの心理について当てはまるものを次のうちから一つ選び、その記号を記せ。

ア She is looking forward to receiving the prize she has won.
イ She is looking forward to spending her wages on new clothes.
ウ She is looking forward to hearing her mother’s news about the job.
エ She is looking forward to making a good impression on her employers.

(8) 下線部(8)のthisが表す内容を次のうちから一つ選び、その記号を記せ。

ア buy a dress
イ stay with her friend
ウ be dishonest with her mother
エ leave the house through the window

(9) 下線部(9)をを和訳せよ。ただし、sheが誰を指すかを明らかにすること。

(10) この文章の前半で描かれているToniの子ども時代について、正しいものを一つ次のうちから選び、その記号を記せ。

ア Toni’s father moved to the city to live by himself when Toni was seven.
イ Toni and her parents lived in a house by the beach until she was seven.
ウ Toni and her mother moved to a house by the beach when Toni was seven.
エ Toni’s father came to the beach to see her on the weekend until she was seven.

(11) 以下は、この文章で表現されているJackieとToniの心情について述べたものである。空所 ( a )〜 (  d )を埋めるのに最も適切な動詞を下の語群から選び、その記号を記せ。語群の動詞は原形で記されている。同じ記号は一度しか使えない。

Jackie doesn’t ( a ) that her daughter is quickly growing up, more quickly, perhaps, than she would like. She ( b ) to see that Toni now has her own thoughts and ideas. Toni still ( c ) her mother but feels a little uncomfortable with the relationship and wants to ( d ) more independent.

ア become
イ fail
ウ live
エ love
オ realize
カ succeed
キ wish








(2) out
(3) past behind them and start again
(6) 週末に恋人を家に迎えることに年甲斐もなく浮かれている態度。(29字)
(9) クリッシーはこんな風にごまかし続けて1年も経つんだから。
(11) (a) オ
  (b) イ
  (c) エ
  (c) ア
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