東大過去問 1993年 第5問(総合)

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One day, not long after I had started working for him, Mangiarotti said, “That’s enough work for today. Clean up, will you? I’ll be back in ten minutes.” It was typical of him to spring surprises on people, to do things ( 1 ) warning or explanation. I cleaned the paintbrushed carefully, knowing that Mangiarotti would make a fuss if even one tiny speck of paint remained on them. I wasn’t scared of him exactly, but he was a man with a sharp tongue, and I tried not to upset him. I packed everything away in the proper, Mangiarotti order: ladders on the left, buckets on the right, and so on.
After about a quarter of an hour a car pulled up, and there was Mangiarotti, at the steering-wheel of an old black Citroën. His face was gloomy as usual.
“Get in!” he said. The car pulled away quickly with a squeal of tyres before I’d hardly had a chance to close the door.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
He did not reply, which was his way of telling me to ( 2 ) my own business. I decided to settle back and enjoy what I ( 3 ) of the ride — after all, it was better than standing on a ladder painting shop fronts. I hadn’t the slightest idea where we were going, but we were soon out of Paris and in open countryside. With typical suddenness, Mangiarotti screeched to a stop by the roadside and switched off the engine. I looked at him. He was staring straight ahead. I followed his gaze, but ( 4 ) I could see was a country road with a hedge running alongside it.
A movement on the grass verge caught my eye. It was a hat, an old black Homburg, the sort that businessmen used to wear, and it appeared to be alive. It moved forward, stopped, disappeared, bobbed up again for a second, then moved forward and disappeared again. It was such a ridiculous sight that I burst out ( 5 ), but Mangiarotti, who was also watching the hat, remained serious-faced.
As I turned again to look, it rose a couple of inches, revealing that there was a head underneath. It dawned on me that there was a ditch between the grass verge and the hedge, and that the wearer of the hat was down in the ditch. Mangiarotti got out of the car, and walked towards the mysterious hat. I didn’t know (6)whether I was supposed to follow him or stay in the car. My curiosity got the better of me, so I got out and hurried to catch up with him. He stood by the roadside, staring down at the hat and talking brusquely to it in an Italian dialect which I could not understand. I looked down too, and saw, under the hat, the red, wrinkled face wearing a black fur-collared overcoat which perfectly matched his ancient Homburg. The amazing thing was that, although he was ( 7 ), his head barely cleared the top of the ditch. He was an extremely short man, and his small stature was exaggerated by the bent body of old age.
Mangiarotti held out his hand to the old man and pulled him out of the ditch, roughly, as if he were a straw doll. Then we all got into the car, and started back for Paris.


(1) 空所( 1 )を埋めるのにもっとも適当な1語または語群は、次のうちどれか。その記号を記せ。

(ア) on
(イ) through
(ウ) without
(エ) in spite of

(2) 空所( 2 )を埋めるのにもっとも適当な1語はなにか。その1語を記せ。

(3) 空所( 3 )を埋めるのにもっとも適当な1語は次のうちのどれか。その記号を記せ。

(ア) did
(イ) had
(ウ) was
(エ) could

(4) 空所( 4 )を埋めるのにもっとも適当な1語はなにか。その1語を記せ。

(5) 空所( 5 )を埋めるのにもっとも適当な1語はなにか。その1語を記せ。

(6) 下線部( 6 )の意味は次のうちのどれか。その記号を記せ。

(ア) 彼について行けるかどうか
(イ) 彼について行った方がよいのかどうか
(ウ) 彼について行こうと思っているかどうか
(エ) 彼について行きさえすればよいのかどうか

(7) 空所( 7 )を埋めるのにもっとも適当な語群は次のうちのどれか。その記号を記せ。

(ア) sitting up
(イ) reaching up
(ウ) crouching down
(エ) standing upright

(8) 語り手は、Mangiarottiの助手としてある職業に従事している。その職業名を日本語で記せ。

(9) Mangiarottiの性格を述べた文として、本文の内容と一致するものを2つ選び、それらの記号を記せ。

(イ) He is rather boastful.
(ロ) He has a pleasant manner.
(ハ) He is a man of few words.
(ニ) He is careless in his work.
(ホ) He is always in high spirits.
(ヘ) He has an impatient temperament.
(ト) He is always ready to help people.
(チ) He likes driving around in his car.






(1)  ウ
(2)  mind
(3)  エ
(4)  all
(5)  laughing
(6)  イ
(7)  エ
(8)  ペンキ屋
(9)  ハ、へ
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