東大過去問 1987年 第5問

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Years ago, when my husband first went to work on a newspaper, we were invited to a dinner party by the man who was the managing editor. Now I didn’t really suppose my husband would be fired if I should prove unsuitable, but I did suppose that I couldn’t appear at a chic dinner party in (A)a dress that buttoned down the front. I knew I had to (B)take steps.
 I went to Lord & Taylor and bravely marched into “Better Dresses.” Then I stood in a corner for a while and studied the salesladies. What I did not want was an elegant saleslady. I knew, from past experience, that in the presence of a really elegant saleslady with a really elegant European accent (C)I tend to drop my purse and my gloves and to develop coughing spells.
 I finally selected one who seemed a little shy and nervous. I went over to her and took hold of her elbow. “Don’t argue with me,” I said, “I want to buy a dress. I want to buy a fancy dress. And I want to buy it this afternoon.” (D)She didn’t seem startled by my outburst. She just sighed a little sigh that seemed to say, “Boy, I get all the nuts!” Then she went to work and found me a pretty dress. It was made of yellow silk with metallic gold thread woven through the fabric. And so I went to the party calm in my conviction that (E)for once I was wearing something that did not look as though it had been run up by loving hands at home.
 My husband and I were the first to arrive because we had made the youthful error of arriving at precisely the time for which we had been invited. The editor and his wife greeted us in the hall and were most gracious. I felt, however, that the wife’s smile was a little bit (F)strained. I understood everything when we walked into the living room. Three walls of the room were covered from floor to ceiling with silk draperies. And the draperies were made of exactly the same material as my new dress.
 I tried to size up the whole situation. It wasn’t so terrible. It just looked as though they’d had enough material left over to make a dress. (G)But then, why, in heaven’s name, would I be wearing it? Actually, it didn’t matter so much to me that when I was standing in front of a drapery I seemed to be a head without a body. It mattered more to the other guests, who were hard put to analyze what they assumed to be (H)an optical illusion. Finally, I had to devote all of my energies to keeping near the one undraped — or (I)safe — wall, where the heat from the open fireplace promptly took the curl out of my hair. Needless to say, (J)we were not invited back.
 (注) optical: of the eye; visual




(1) 下線部(A)を日本語に訳せ。
(2) 下線部(B)の言い換えとして最も適当なものを次の中から選び、その記号を記せ。
(ア) give orders
(イ) go for a long walk
(ウ) do something about it
(エ) proceed cautiously
(オ) walk up a staircase
(3) 下線部(C)の状態を表すように次の文の空所を補充するには、以下の語のうちどれが最も適当か。その記号を記せ。
I am apt to become ( ).
(ア) angry
(イ) fascinated
(ウ) lonely
(エ) nervous
(オ) relieved
(4) 下線部(D)で書かれていることの理由として次のどれが最も適当か。その記号を記せ。
(ア) 私の性格をよく知っているから
(イ) 客との言い合いには慣れているから
(ウ) 私のような変わった客が時々来るから
(エ) 子供連れの客にはいつも景品が用意してあるから
(オ) 私に似合うようなドレスがすぐ頭に浮かんだから
(5) 下線部(E)の言い換えとして最も適当なものを次の中から選び、その記号を記せ。
(ア) as far as I was concerned
(イ) at the same time
(ウ) for a moment
(エ) in my opinion
(オ) on this occasion
(6) 下線部(F)の言い換えとして最も適当なものを次の中から選び、その記号を記せ。
(ア) conceited
(イ) forced
(ウ) modest
(エ) scornful
(オ) sympathetic
(7) 下線部(G)のような疑問が生じる理由としては、次のどれが最も適当か。その記号を記せ。
(ア) ドレスの布地が気に入らないから
(イ) ドレスがこのパーティーの場にそぐわないから
(ウ) 私の他にもっとこのドレスが似合う人がいるから
(エ) 布地の残りが自分にまわってくるはずがないから
(オ) 居合わせた人たちが自分を軽蔑している様子だから
(8) “an optical illusion”(下線部(H))が生じる理由として次のどれが最も適当か。その記号を記せ。
(ア) Because the dress had fancy patterns.
(イ) Because the dress was too brightly colored.
(ウ) Because the dress became lost in the background.
(エ) Because the room was so hot that the guests got dizzy.
(オ) Because the guests were under the influence of alcoholic drinks.
(9) “safe”(下線部(I))である理由として次のどれが最も適当か。その記号を記せ。
(ア) 寒くないから
(イ) 人目を驚かさないから
(ウ) ヘアスタイルをくずさないから
(エ) 人から話しかけられそうにないから
(オ) 招待してくれた夫妻を心配させないから
(11) 下線部(J)を日本語に訳せ。






  1. ボタンで前を留めるドレス
  2. 私たちは二度と招待されることはなかった。



  • この単語テストは、上の問題文本文をよく読み、文中での意味を答えるようにすること。
  1. managing editor
  2. fire
  3. unsuitable
  4. chic
  5. button down
  6. take steps
  7. bravely
  8. march into
  9. in the presence of~
  10. coughing spell
  11. fancy
  12. startled
  13. outburst
  14. sigh
  15. nuts
  16. thread
  17. weave-wove-woven
  18. conviction
  19. run up
  20. youthful error
  21. precisely
  22. gracious
  23. strained
  24. ceiling
  25. drapery
  26. size up
  27. in heaven’s name
  28. be hard put to~
  29. optical illusion
  30. undraped
  31. fireplace
  32. promptly
  33. take the curl
  34. invite back



  1. managing editor 編集長
  2. fire クビにする、解雇する
  3. unsuitable 不適切である
  4. chic 趣味のいい
  5. button down ボタンで留める
  6. take steps 行動を起こす
  7. bravely 勇敢にも
  8. march into 歩いて入っていく
  9. in the presence of~ 〜がいると
  10. coughing spell 咳の発作
  11. fancy 上等な、素敵な
  12. startled びっくり仰天する
  13. outburst 噴出、唐突にまくし立てること
  14. sigh ため息をつく
  15. nuts 変人
  16. thread 糸
  17. weave-wove-woven 編む
  18. conviction 確信
  19. run up さっと仕上げる
  20. youthful error 若気の至り
  21. precisely 正確に
  22. gracious 丁重な、親切な
  23. strained 引きつった、緊張した
  24. ceiling 天井
  25. drapery 厚手のカーテン(米)
  26. size up the situation 状況を理解する
  27. in heaven’s name 一体全体
  28. be hard put to~ 〜に困っている
  29. optical illusion 視覚上の錯覚
  30. undraped カーテンのない
  31. fireplace 暖炉
  32. promptly すぐに
  33. take the curl 髪をカールさせる
  34. invite back 再招待する
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