東大過去問 1977年 第1問(要約)

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I love comedians, the highest and the lowest. I love caricatures, too. My distaste for comics, however, is complete, utter, absolute. Let me quickly admit that I am low enough, and sometimes defeated enough, as a parent, to make use of comics. I mean in desperate moments when, of a rainy Sunday morning or afternoon, I want peace in the home. Or when I am traveling with my two sons on a train and need to subdue them. Then — yes, I’ll confess it — then I do resort to comics. Without shame. Without conscience. I’ll also grant that so long as other people’s children read comics we have scant hope, and perhaps less right, to keep our own from doing so. It would be unfair for us to deny to our children what is now a group experience and, when they have grown up, will have become a group memory of their generation. For all that, I hate to see my sons absorbed by the comics. What irritates me is my awareness of what they are not reading, and could be reading. In other words, of the more genuine and deeper pleasures they could be having. I won’t and can’t deny that comic books fascinate the young. But, as a writer, I resent the way in which they get along with the poorest kind of writing. I hate their lack of both style and ethics. I hate their bad grammar and their cheap thrills. I despise them, because they have no subtlety, and certainly no beauty. Their power of attraction, I believe, lies in the fact that they make everything too easy.



  1. the highest and the lowest
  2. caricature
  3. distaste
  4. complete, utter, absolute
  5. admit
  6. defeated
  7. make use of
  8. in desperate moments
  9. subdue
  10. confess
  11. resort to~
  12. without shame
  13. conscience
  14. grant
  15. so long as~
  16. scant
  17. keep A from B
  18. deny
  19. group experience
  20. a group memory of their generation
  21. for all that
  22. absorbed
  23. irritate
  24. awareness
  25. genuine
  26. fascinate
  27. resent
  28. get along with~
  29. the poorest kind of writing
  30. ethics
  31. bad grammar
  32. cheap thrill
  33. despise
  34. subtlety
  35. certainly
  36. the power of attraction






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  1. 笑劇や物まねは好きだが、漫画は大嫌いだ。確かに漫画は面白く、子供を夢中にさせるが、余りに安直で、読書から得られる文章としての完成度、美や倫理、繊細さは得られない。だから自分の子供には読ませたくない。(99字)

    1. いつもありがとうございます。



  2. ご講評ありがとうございます。


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