東大過去問 1997年 第5問(総合)

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As soon as he saw Benjie, Ezzie got up and said, ‘Hey, what happened? Where’d you go after school?’
Benjie said, ‘Hammerman’s after me.”
Ezzie’s pink mouth formed a perfect O. He didn’t say anything, but his breath came out in a long sympathetic sigh. Finally he said, ‘Marv Hammerman?’ even though he knew there was only one Hammerman in the world, just as there had been only one Hitler.
‘Is after you?’
Benjie nodded, sunk in misery. He could see Marv Hammerman. He came up in Benjie’s mind (1)____ monsters do in horror movies, big and powerful, with the same cold, unreal eyes. It was the eyes Benjie really feared. One look from those eyes, and you knew you were his next victim.
‘What did you do?’ Ezzie asked. ‘Or did you do anything?’
At least, Benjie thought, Ezzie understood that. If you were Marv Hammerman, you didn’t need (2)a reason. He sat down on the steps and looked down at his feet. ‘I did something.’ he said.
‘What?’ Ezzie asked. ‘What’d you do? You bump into him or something?’
Benjie shook his head.
‘Well, what?’
Benjie said, ‘You know that big chart in the upstairs hall at school?’
‘What’d you say? (3)____, Benjie. You’re muttering.’ Ezzie bent closer. ‘Look at me. Now what did you say?’
Benjie looked up, and said, ‘You know that big chart outside the history room? In the hall?’
‘Chart?’ Ezzie said blankly. ‘What chart, Benjie?’
‘This chart takes up the whole wall, Ez, how could you (4)____ it? It’s a chart about early people, and it shows human progress up from the apes, the side view of all those different kinds of prehistoric people, like Cro-Magnon man and Pithecanthropus. That chart.’
‘Oh, yeah, I saw it. So?’
Benjie could see that Ezzie (5)____ the good part, the violence. His shoulders dropped. He wet his lips. He said, ‘Well, when I was passing this chart on my way out of history ― and I don’t know why I did this ― I really don’t. When I was passing this chart, Ez, on my way to math ―’ He swallowed several times. ‘When I was passing this chart. I took my pencil and I wrote Marv Hammerman’s name on the bottom of the chart and then I drew an arrow to the picture of Neanderthal man.’
‘What?’ Ezzie cried, ‘What?’ (6a)He could not seem to take it in. Benjie knew that Ezzie had been prepared to sympathize with an accident. (6b)He had almost been the victim of one of those himself. One day at school Ezzie had reached for the handle on the water fountain a second ahead of Marv Hammerman. If Ezzie hadn’t glanced up just in time, seen Hammerman and said quickly, ‘(7)____ ahead. I’m not thirsty,’ then this unhappy figure on the steps might be (6C)him.
‘What did you do it for, Benjie?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘You crazy or something?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘Marv Hammerman!’ Ezzie sighed. It was a sorrowful sound. ‘(8)Anybody else in the school would have been better. I would rather have the principal after me than Marv Hammerman.’
‘I (9)____.’
‘Maybe Hammerman doesn’t know you did it though,’ Ezzie said. ‘Did you ever think of that? I mean, who’s going to go up to Hammerman and say his name is on the prehistoric chart?’ Ezzie leaned forward. ‘Hey, Hammerman,’ he said, imitating the imaginary fool, ‘I saw a funny thing about you on the prehistoric chart! Now, (10)who in their right mind is going to ―
‘He was right behind me when I did it,’ Benjie said.
‘He was (11)right behind me,’ Benjie said stiffly. He could remember turning around and looking into Hammerman’s eyes. It was such a strange, troubling moment that Benjie was unable to think about it.




ア as
イ how
ウ just
エ the way

(2)下線部(2)のa reasonとは,誰が何をする理由か。日本語で述べよ。


ア I can’t even see you
イ I can’t even hear you
ウ I’m not even looking at you
エ I’m not even listening to you


ア lose
イ miss
ウ notice
エ view


eager for get him on to to was



ア be
イ go
ウ look
エ make
オ see


ア Somebody else should be chased by Hammerman.
イ Chasing Hammerman is as bad as chasing the principal.
ウ Hammerman is the worst person in school that can be after you.
エ You are the worst person in school for Hammerman to be after.


ア do
イ know
ウ see
エ think

(10)下線部(10)で, going toのあとを次のような形で補うとすれば,空所にどのような語を入れればよいか。最も適当な英語1語を記せ。

who in their right mind is going to (  ) him that?


ア Did I do it right this time?
イ His turn came right after mine.
ウ Turn right at the next traffic light.
エ Now it’s impossible to put things right.






(1) ア、エ
(2) ハマーマンが誰かをつけ狙う理由
(3) イ
(4) イ
(5) was eager for him to get on to
(6a) E (6b) E (6c) E
(7) イ
(8) ウ
(9) イ
(10) tell
(11) イ
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