東大過去問 1991年 第5問(総合)

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Mrs Stone drove the grey car through the flat country interlaced with tumbledown stone walls. Her son sat stiffly beside her. Both he and his mother felt sick with dread. To whatever she said, he answered nervously, ‘Yes, but…’
‘Father and I are coming ( 1 ) three weeks. Mr Jennings said that was the earliest we could. Now, that isn’t very long, is it, my boy?’
(2)Yes, but…‘ What he meant to say was, ‘It is ages.’
Every now and then Mrs Stone had to stop the car so that James could relieve himself behind a hedge. ‘What will happen,’ he said, suddenly desperate, as he climbed back into the warm car, ‘(3)if I want to do that in class?
‘I suppose you’ll ask the teacher and he’ll let you go.’
‘But suppose he won’t let me go?’
‘Of course he will. Teachers are quite kind, darling.’
‘Father said they weren’t’
‘Schools were different when he was a boy.’ Mrs Stone was praying to God, ‘(4)Make it go off all right. Make him not cry.’ But James was thinking, ‘I wish the car would crash, and I was killed. No, not killed, but very badly hurt, and taken to hospital in an ambulance, and (5)fussed over.‘ For the last few days, while his trunk was being packed, and name-tapes being (6)sewn on his clothes, he had hoped to die before being delivered into the terrible unknown, and had several times thought of suicide; but he had always realised in time that there were a few days, or even hours, left in which the ( 7 ) for which he prayed might happen — an earthquake might swallow up the school, killing the Jenningses and all the teachers.
‘Look, there’s an airport,’ said Mrs Stone. James would not look at it, but murmured, ‘That means we must be nearly there.’ An aeroplane flew low over their heads as they turned a corner, and saw the grey solid school-house standing beyond stretches of playing fields. This was James’s last moment; thirteen weeks was for ever, too long to wait before resuming a life which, (8)although not appreciated at the time, now seemed Heaven. His mother had told him often that the school was more like a private house than a school; he saw now that this was not true. It might have reminded other boys of their homes, but to James it was obviously an institution, for even at a distance it lacked the luxurious air of a hotel. He clasped his mother’s tweed sleeve and said, ‘Stop the car.’


(1) 空所(1)を埋めるのにもっとも適当な語は次のどれか。その記号を記せ。

(a) before
(b) during
(c) for
(d) in
(e) within

(2) 下線部(2)で少年が言おうとした内容にもっとも近い意味をもつ言い方は次のどれか。その記号を記せ。

(a) ‘Yes, it is, but I am old enough to bear it.’
(b) ‘Yes, you are right, but it is too long for me to bear.’
(c) ‘Yes, it isn’t very long, but we live in different ages.’
(d) ‘Yes, I think so, but Father is too old to come all the way.’
(e) ‘Yes, I understand, but you are saying so because of your age.’

(3) 下線部(3)で想定されている行き先はどこか。日本語で書け。

(4) 下線部(4)を日本語に訳せ。

(5) 下線部(5)の意味は次のどれか。その記号を記せ。

(a) ぐっすり眠らせてもらう
(b) まったくほうっておかれる
(c) おおげさに騒ぎ立てられる
(d) とりあえず手当てを受ける
(e) じっくり相談にのってもらう

(6) 下線部(6)の動詞の原形と同じ発音をもつ語は次のどれか。その記号を記せ。

(a) saw
(b) sea
(c) sigh
(d) so
(e) sue

(7) 空所(7)を埋めるのにもっとも適当な語は次のどれか。その記号を記せ。

(a) catastrophe
(b) goodwill
(c) murder
(d) schedule
(e) struggle

(8) 下線部(8)を日本語に訳せ。

(9) 次の(a)から(e)のうち本文の内容と合致するものを1つ選びその記号を記せ。

(a) Both James and his mother were dread fully tired of driving through the flat country and wished to stop if they could.
(b) James thought he might as well have died as be taken to hospital in an ambulance before entering the school.
(c) When Mrs stone tried to turn her son’s attention to an airport, her words were ignored by the boy, who had never expected that there was any airport near the school.
(d) James felt that this was his last moment because he saw the school-house standing inescapably before him after all his desperate prayers.
(e) Unlike other boys James was disgusted with the appearance of the school, all the more as it reminded him of his own home rather than a hotel.





(1)  (d)
(2)  (b)
(3)  トイレ
(4)  略(全訳参照)
(5)  (c)
(6)  (d)
(7)  (a)
(8)  その時は本当の価値を理解していなかったけれど
(9)   (d)
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