東大過去問 1983年 第5問

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New York, February 15
Dear Stephen:

 This is not an answer to your letter of February twelfth, but an attempt to have a serious discussion with you, as if we were face to face.
 You are almost fifteen years old. Shortly you will (A)be up against the stiffest competition of your life when you apply for college entrance. No examiner is going to find himself favorably impressed by (B)“paralel” or “grammer” or “riserved” or similar errors. You will have to face the fact that in this world we succeed on our merits. If you do not pass the college entrance examinations simply because you are unable to spell, it will be nobody’s fault but your own.
 Every time you are in doubt about a word you are to look it up in the dictionary and memorize the spelling. (C)This is the least you can do to help yourself.



Geneva, February 19

Dear Father:
 I guess we do not understand each other at all. If you get a letter from me and there are only two or three mistakes well you just have to take my word for (D)it that I have had to look up practically every single word in the dictionary and that is one reason I hate having to write you these letters because they take so long and in the end they are not at all spontainous, no, just wait a second, here it is, “spontaneous”, and believe me (E)only two or three mistakes in a letter from me is one of the seven wonders of the world. (F)What I am saying is that I am doing the best I can as you would agree if you could see my dictionary which is falling apart and when you say I should memorize the spelling I can’t because it doesn’t make any sence to me and never did.



New York, February 23

Dear Stephen:
 (G)It is probably just as well that you have gotten everything off your chest. We all need to blow up (H)once in a while. It clears the air.
 Please don’t ever forget that I am aware that spelling is difficult for you. I know you are making a great effort and I am very proud of you.
 I am enclosing a small check for your birthday.





(1) 下線部(A)の意味に最も近いものは次のどれか。その記号を記せ。
ア act contrary to
イ be faced with
ウ come up with
エ draw near toward
(2) 下線部(B)には綴りが誤っている単語が三つ挙げられている。正しい綴りでそれらの語を記せ。
(3) 下線部(C)に最も近い内容を表す文は次のうちのどれか。その記号を記せ。
ア You have at least to be satisfied with this much.
イ This is all you can do to make the situation bette.
ウ You have to do at least this much to improve yourself.
エ This is all you can hope for under the present circumstances.
(4) 下線部(D)のitは文中のどの部分を指しているか。その部分の最初と最後の単語を一語ずつ記せ。
(5) 下線部(E)に最も近い内容を表す文は次のうちのどれか。その記号を記せ。
ア You will wonder why I make so few mistakes.
イ You will be surprised how many mistakes I make.
ウ You may doubt if I really wrote the letter myself.
エ You can’t expect me to be free from wrong spellings.
(6) 下線部(F)にコンマ(,)を一つだけ入れるとすればどこに入れるのが最も適当か。その箇所の前後の単語を一語ずつ記せ。
(7) 2月19日付のStephenの手紙の中にStephenがまだ気づいていない綴りの誤った単語が一つある。正しい綴りでその語を記せ。
(8) 下線部(G)に示される父親の意向に最も近い文は次のうちのどれか。その記号を記せ。
ア Father is advising that Stephen should have stated more directly what he had in mind.
イ Father is advising that Stephen should not have stated so directly what he had in mind.
ウ Father is saying that it is good that Stephen said in a straightforward way what he wanted to say.
エ Father is saying that it is good that Stephen did not say in a straightforward way what he wanted to say.
(9) 下線部(I)を日本語に訳せ。















  1. parallel, grammar, reserved
  2. that ~ dictionary
  3. can, as
  4. sense
  5. 時々



  1. attempt
  2. up against
  3. stiff
  4. competition
  5. apply for
  6. college entrance
  7. examiner
  8. find oneself favorably impressed
  9. merit
  10. in doubt
  11. look up
  12. take one’s word for it
  13. practically
  14. spontaneous
  15. seven wonders of the world
  16. fall apart
  17. make sense
  18. just as well
  19. get everything off your chest
  20. blow up
  21. once in a while
  22. It clear the air.
  23. enclose
  24. check



  1. attempt 試み
  2. up against 直面する
  3. stiff 困難な
  4. competition 競争
  5. apply for 出願する
  6. college entrance 大学入試
  7. examiner 試験官
  8. find oneself favorably impressed 好印象を受ける
  9. merit 長所、実力
  10. in doubt 分からない、自信がない
  11. look up (辞書を)ひく
  12. take one’s word for it それを信じて良い(itの内容はその後のthat節)
  13. practically 実質的に、ほとんど
  14. spontaneous 自然発生的な、のびのびとした
  15. seven wonders of the world 世界の七不思議
  16. fall apart (ぼろぼろになって)崩れ落ちそうな
  17. make sense 意味が明瞭でわかりやすい、(否定で)意味不明である
  18. just as well かえって好都合なことだ、けっこうなことだ
  19. get everything off your chest 心の内を全て吐き出す
  20. blow up 癇癪を爆発させる
  21. once in a while ときどき
  22. It clear the air. それですっきりする。
  23. enclose 同封する
  24. check 小切手(アメリカでは小切手を比較的よく使う)


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