東大過去問 1973年 第5問(総合)

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“I’m the only one in this valley that gets the paper in the mail,” said the farmer. “It’s two days old, but it’s still news. People around here don’t know what’s going on in Gibbsville, eleven miles away.”
“There’ not much going on there,” said the lady from the town.
“Oh, I don’t know. My wife only reads the ads, but I like to read about what’s happening. There’s always something new. I wish I could get away from the farm.”
“Sell it,” she said.
“Ho-ho. Sell it? Did you ever try to sell a farm? (A)You never get what you put into it. If you don’t have a son that’s ready to take over and run your farm, your widow is lucky to get a quarter of the value for a quick sale.”
The lady remained silent for a little while.
Then she said, “How many children have you got?”
(B)“Two, and one on the way.”
“What are you going to do with them?”
“Well, the boy is three and a half. The girl is two. It’s too soon to say, but I hope the boy finishes college and goes away. By that time I’ll be about fifty, I guess. Maybe I could sell the farm and get work in town. (C)Twenty years from now, who can tell?”
“Maybe the boy will want to be a farmer.”
“If he listens to his mother, he will.”
“She likes the farm.”
“She likes it better than town. She cooks, bakes, sews, and does the milking. She says she could shoe a horse.”
“You ought to be proud of her. (D)She sounds a very remarkable person.
“In some things.”
“In a lot of things, it seems to me.”
“You don’t have to take her side against me,” the farmer said. “I appreciate her, and I’m good to her. (E)Get that straight. I’m good to her.”


a. 下線部(A)の意味を日本語で言うとすれば、次のうちどれがもっとも適当か。その記号を記せ。

イ. 植えつけた作物がとれなくなる。
ロ. そのあと何をしたらいいかわからない。
ハ. 農園にかけただけのものを取り戻せない。
ニ. 自分がどんなに骨を折ったか知らないのだ。

b. 下線部(B)の意味を日本語で簡単に説明せよ。

c. 下線部(C)の意味を日本語で言うとすれば、次のうちどれがもっとも適当か。その記号を記せ。

イ. 二十年後にはだれも知らない。
ロ. 二十年後ならだれも何も言わない。
ハ. 二十年たったら、何を言われるかわからない。
ニ. 二十年先のことなんて、だれにもわからない。

d. 下線部(D)の冒頭につけ加えるとすれば、次のうちどれが文脈上もっとも適当か。その記号を記せ。

イ. in my ears
ロ. to my mind
ハ. I am impressed that
ニ. to do her justice

e. 下線部(E)の意味を日本語でしるせ。

f. 次の文の意味を本文の内容と一致させるためには、それぞれの1から4の語のうち、どれをその空所に入れればよいか。その語の番号をしるせ。

イ. The farmer ( ) that the lady was too favorably disposed toward his wife.

1. doubted
2. heard
3. suspected
4. wondered

ロ. The farmer seemed to be very ( ) to get rid of his farm if he possibly could.

1. afraid
2. anxious
3. lucky
4. reluctant

ハ. The farmer ( ) that there was a possibility of his son taking over his farm.

1. admitted
2. denied
3. doubted
4. hoped









a.  ハ
b.  2人さ。あと、腹の中にもう1人いる。
c.  ニ
d.  ロ
e.  俺の言ったそのままの意味でとらえてくれ。
f-イ 3
f-ロ 2
f-ハ 1

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